Workforce Prescriptions Software

In the course of working with our over 150 hospital clients to overcome barriers and create efficiency, we have been required to develop certain tools that automate critical functions. These tools are available for free to any of our audit customers.

  • Schedule Modeling
    This tool allows department managers to build staffing grids, up to a year in advance, based on multiple variables: Non-Productive Load, Acuity, The Use Of Sitters, Bed Turn Rates, Etc. The tool applies modeling techniques to historical volume data to develop staffing grids by day-of-the-week & shift-of-the-day that predict needed staffing levels as well as likely flexing opportunities.
  • Placement Tool
    This tool ties adult acute facilities to their long-term care and skilled-nursing partners in a manner that allows for real time evaluation of bed availability and matching to patient needs. It was designed to save thousands of hours per year of "submit & reject" and provides for better management of patient expectation as well as reducing length-of-stay by an average of 4 hours (overall reduction). The tool is free to both audit customers and their LTC/SNF partners.
  • Express Process™
    This tool is designed to provide busy leaders at all levels access to an efficient; "automated facilitation" of workflow & business redesign intended to take the place of endless meetings and expensive consultants. ™ With this tool, leaders are able to select a team and in less than 4 hours, complete a redesign process using a forced workflow based on best practices. ™ The best part of the tool is the multi-page report it produces, documenting the entire process and preparing the complete project plan with no typing!