Audit Pricing Guide

WRx provides detailed evaluations of critical functions within healthcare. Each are evidence-based and focused on producing meaningful, measurable outcomes. We call these evaluations, "Audits".

Being an organization that cares about the success of our clients, we prefer to invest in our customers to produce real change, regardless of the time or commitment required. We also believe that certain organizations have knowingly assumed "greater risks" and "reduced rewards" due to the missions they pursue and the geographies they serve. As a result, we price in proportion to those risks.

Below is a pricing guide that details the total pricing and discounts available to adult acute hospitals based upon our risk/reward methodology. Hospitals staffing fewer than 50 beds will need to contact WRx for customized pricing.

To determine your price, click on the options that best describe your organization then click the highlight button:

Belief Status Profit Status GPO Affiliation Facility Type
Faith Based
Non-Faith Based
For Profit
Not For Profit
GPO Member
Non-GPO Member
Community Gov
Today: Jul 31st, 2015 GPO Members Non-GPO Members
NFB FP R   $204,000 $288,000
NFB FP U¹ $193,000 $266,000
NFB NFP R   $182,000 $244,000
NFB NFP U¹ $171,000 $222,000
NA NFP CG $160,000 $200,000
FB NFP R   $149,000 $178,000
FB NFP U¹ $138,000 $156,000


Belief Status  NA = Not Applicable
  FB = Faith-Based
NFB = Non-Faith-Based
Profit Status NFP = Not For Profit
  FP = For Profit
Facility Types   U = Urban
  R = Rural
CG = Community Governed
¹ Urban is defined as having a minimum of 2 competing hospitals within 15 miles.
² Implementation includes 24 months of unlimited on-site support and a one-time PROGRAM Material Initiation Fee of $35,000.00 for development of an OEA Toolkit.
Operational Effectiveness Audits include a $1,000,000 (One Million Dollar) annual recapture guarantee.