WRx provides detailed evaluations of critical functions within healthcare to produce meaningful and measureable outcomes that are evidence-based and focused.
We call these evaluations, "Audits".

All of our audits include detailed implementation plans, change management plans, unlimited implementation support, as well as a written guarantee for the promised return value.

Below are the details on our audits. Each audit page is printable directly from the website.


Custom Services

WRx utilizes experience in over 150 health-systems to overcome a myriad of challenges for America's hospitals. WRx has successfully concluded consulting engagements such as:

  • Sub-Acute Services
  • OR & ED redesigns
  • Completion and granting of DME licenses
  • Throughput redesigns
  • Premium Pay reductions
  • Cluster strategy design
  • Preceptor program designs
  • And many others...

For more information on custom consulting solutions click here to contact Workforce Prescriptions.