WRX Productivity Benchmark Initiative

Workforce Prescriptions launched a comparative productivity study that allows participants to receive free benchmarking data reports that compare their level of productivity in several discreet categories:

  • Inpatient nursing departments (each benchmarked individually be classification)
  • Procedural areas/departments
  • Specialty areas such as ED, Post Partum, L&D, Pharmacy
  • Key Support departments such as housekeeping & nutrition services

Inpatient nursing departments are segregated into several classifications to ensure appropriate comparison such as:

  • General Medicine/Med-Surg
  • PACU
  • Telemetry
  • Critical Care/ Intensive Care
  • Cardiac Recovery / Step down
  • Observation

Each department has unique productivity measures designed to accurately depict the volume and complexity of work produced by the department.   Each department is also required to provide information about their level of: volume variability, automation, collective bargaining, regulatory staffing mandates (such as ratio requirements) and process evolution.

The combination of sensible measures (worked hours vs. paid and more descriptive volumes) and detailed operating conditions allow, for the first time, a true "APPLES TO APPLES" comparison of productivity.