Workforce & Scheduling Alignment


  1. Overtime use is occurring in excess of what volume seems to dictate
  2. Managers are calling & canceling staff in the same department in the same pay period
  3. Managers complain of the laboriousness of building & maintaining schedules
  4. Managers complain of being short-staffed when objective measures show otherwise
  5. Users complain about existing scheduling/time & attendance technology
  6. Managers complain of too many/too few part-time staff
  7. There are open discussion about: staffing pools, cluster strategies, variable workforce strategies
  8. Managers complain of too much volume variability,
  9. Managers don't feel that staffing levels effectively account for total non-productive loads

WRx APPROACH TO REMEDIATION: WRx performs Chi Squared analysis of scheduling need for each department, models department specific volumes against existing rosters and develops both short and long-term variable workforce strategies to reduce labor dependence and use of premium pay.

COMMON RESULTS: Improved alignment of labor to volume (consistency of hours per activity), reduced management time spent in scheduling, increased adaptability and responsiveness to changes in volume/work & reduced labor expense (averages 17% in high variability departments).

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE USED: Schedule Modeling Tool, Schedule Management Tool