Care Process Improvements


  1. Leaders hear complaints about delays in care
  2. Staff express frustration over communication & prioritization challenges (who does what, when)
  3. Patients experience hang-ups & delays in discharge
  4. Staff try to escalate the priority of THEIR work using phrases such as, stat
  5. The organization tracks an unacceptable levels of avoidable days of care or has eroded their own standards of what, acceptable is
  6. Case-managers are frustrated with inabilities to drive care at key junctures
  7. There is tension between physicians and staff over responsiveness issues
  8. Patient satisfaction is being impacted by process issues

WRx APPROACH TO REMEDIATION: WRx implements, small tests of change culminating in a new model of HIGHLY collaborative, well prioritized care that greatly improves case-mix adjusted LOS, reduces readmission and improves physician & staff engagement.

COMMON RESULTS: reduced care cycle times (LOS), improved physician, staff and patient satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, radically reduced rates of readmission.

PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE USED: Rounding Tool, Placement Tool