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WRX Launches Healthcare Productivity Benchmarking Initiative

Posted on: May 27th, 2010 at 8:27 pm EST

HUDSON, Fla., May. 27, 2010/ -- Workforce Prescriptions ("WRX") announced on Wednesday an open invitation to participate in a research based productivity benchmarking initiative for adult acute hospitals. 

"Our goal in establishing this initiative is to provide adult acute hospitals access to high-quality, externally valid, comparative productivity data based on reasonable workload parameters reflective of the actual work that drives individual department labor dependency . . . and to do so at no cost. After all, it is their data – why should they pay to compare it", states Dean Kristiniak, COO of the company.
Long term evaluations of hundreds of hospitals post “benchmarking site visit” validates that many of the current measures and methodologies of hospital productivity benchmarking fail to capture either the actual work driving labor utilization or the unique operating circumstances that can create a huge diversity of work requirements from seemingly similar volumes. Specifically, the company believes that failing to consider levels of automation, the intrusion of collective bargaining, facility size and volume variability/volatility is a guaranteed way of ensuring the comparison of apples to oranges.
Charlie Dawson, President of Workforce Prescriptions claims, “It is neither valid nor accurate to use the oversimplified measure of, Patient Days as THE GOLD STANDARD MEASURE of productivity for a majority of departments in a hospital even if that hospital happened to be identical in every other way to all other hospitals in the benchmarking study group. Even for inpatient nursing departments, “adjusted patient days” provides a more valid dataset for comparison than simple Patient Days. With an adjusted patient day measure, at least some attempt has been made to accommodate variances in acuity & type of care provided. 
He goes on to say, “For other department types, individual workload measures have long been missing three important traits:
  •  that they be reflective of the actual work driving labor demand, which often isn’t patient volume
  • that they are readily comparable between facilities with different volumes, patient types and geographical/payer disparities
  • and that they are comprised of data readily available to the average institution. 
The measures established for this benchmarking effort are the result of collaboration with dozens of hospitals intent on overcoming all such issues and we look forward to sharing the joy of hospitals all over the country who realize that they will finally be able to compare meaningful data with hundreds of other hospitals and that they can do so for free!”
The organization expects that word of mouth, the participation of current and previous clients as well as a targeted outreach will result in a rapidly expand the pool of participating hospitals that will reach statistical significance within 90 days. But not all the executives agree on this!
“It will be really interesting to see how quickly hospitals sign up to participate in the initiative”, states Keith Bush, the firms CIO and creator of the custom privacy portal for the initiative. He poses some brutal questions of the industry when asking, “I wonder how many hospitals out there who have been spending $50,000, $100,000 or even $200,000 per year for productivity benchmarking data from third party vendors will hear about this new initiative and think, “It’s too good to be true”, or, “It must be junk to be offered for free”? But eventually, they will hear from a peer who has participated, that what we have built here (as a service to the industry) is actually best in breed. I think it will take until then for some of them to finally pull the trigger.”
Whether Mr. Bush is right or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain . . . Workforce Prescriptions is well known for pushing the envelope of what “mission driven” means!  Says Mr. Dawson, “But isn’t that what a lifestyle/retirement company is for? . . . doing all those things that companies needing to earn a living wish they could do - but would wreck their bottom line if they tried?”
About WRX’s Productivity Benchmarking Initiative
Information on the Productivity Benchmarking Initiative can be found at:
To participate in the initiative, go to:

 About Workforce Prescriptions

Workforce Prescriptions is an "evidence based" consulting firm headquartered in Hudson, FL that provides assistance to hospitals desiring to: enhance their revenue opportunities, reduce their cost of labor & length of stay or to improve their human capital practices. Workforce Prescriptions focuses primarily in the not-for-profit sector of healthcare in order to "assist those organizations whose own mission requires them to take extraordinary risks in order to ensure access to quality healthcare for the neediest of American's."
Workforce Prescriptions can be contacted at (888) 343-8403 or online at


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